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The Real Home Collective is your real estate resource connecting you with industry leaders to help you spend, build, and live better.

Chris Chopik

Chris Chopik is a sought after expert in real estate, sustainability and the impact of climate change has on property value around the world. Chris knows the diverse real estate marketplaces across Canada, and practices in his home town of Toronto.

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Jennifer Goodman

Jennifer thrives on being highly knowledgeable and up-to-the-moment on both the Austin real estate market and the technologies required to help clients navigate today's fast-paced real estate market spaces, as well as build and renovate healthier homes.

She loves working with clients who understand that at the end of the day "it's never about 4 walls". It's about living, loving and thriving in that place we call home.

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Austin, Texas, USA


Prince Edward County, ON, Canada
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada


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Rebecca McIntosh

Rebecca is a second generation Realtor® with a deep love of homes and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science.  She works to bridge the gap between real estate and sustainable lifestyles in Waterloo Region

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada
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Tropical Leaves

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Stephen Szucs

Stephen loves coffee. Having founded SustainableJoes in 2013 and grown up in a Real Estate family, Stephen brings a truly unique perspective and offering to his clients. His focus is high-performance housing and sustainable development. 

Toronto, ON, Canada
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Alexandra Cote

Alex is an award winning Realtor who has also been voted Toronto’s favourite since 2016 in the Now Reader’s Choice Awards. Alex is Head Fox of her Toronto based real estate team,, focused on providing a fun, inclusive, and rewarding approach to your purchase, sale, or rental. She has been volunteering with the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board since 2015 focused on government relations, affordable housing, and climate risk issues.

Toronto, ON, Canada
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Our Philosophy

In our businesses and profession we aim to be:

    Just: having a high respect for ethics and professionalism

    Efficient: striving for zero-waste and high efficiency in the way we do business

    Resilient: adapting quickly and effectively to changes in markets and technologies


We want our businesses and profession as a whole to be actively supporting these values in our society, economy, and built and natural environments.


There are many ways that we can do that.

Our goal is to foster conversations that will enhance awareness and knowledge of climate change impacts and importance of a lifestyle that incorporates environmental sustainability.  We strive to be a resource for homeowners, renters, investors, Realtors and anyone else in the residential section by partnering with like-minded Realtors and subject matter experts and advise of  local and national resources.

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